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Ecommerce, Multilingual Websites, Mobile Apps & API Development Solutions

Leveraging the expertise operating high performance infrastructure, we build applications for 99.999% availability under Service Level Agreement (SLA) that could be tiered for a flexible pricing strategy, easy maintainability and long term strong market value.

The cornerstone for nimble but powerful applications is that they are API-Centric/API-First meaning that all the different consuming clients (Web Browser, Mobile apps or Third-party Integrator) interact with the same API. Changes to functionalities are accomplished by new versions of the API which allows running in production multiple versions seamlessly.

Service Catalogue

Application Programming Interfaces

  • API (Application Programming Interfaces) Architecture, Development & Operation
  • API (Application Programming Interfaces) Backends for One-Way/Multiplex integration with Third-party Web Applications
  • Mobile application Design & Development

Web Applications

  • Web Application Development for Internet & Intranets
  • Research, design, prototyping and development of digital products
  • Web Development
  • Multi-language User Interfaces
    • Chinese
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Russian
  • E-commerce Turn-key Solutions
    • Catalogue Websites
    • Multiple currencies
    • Digital Shopping Carts
    • Customer Loyalty Platforms
    • Recommendation Engines
    • Customer Behaviour data collection, Telemetry and Big Data Analytics
  • E-learning Digital Campuses

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