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Whether you a single entrepreneur running your business or have a team behind you, we understand that every bit counts. With over seven years of experience in SEO, Google My Business, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & More, our focus has always been on small location-based businesses.

With geographical constraints, local businesses need to focus on the avenues that drive more traffic with a lowered cost. We've created affordable digital marketing packages that make a difference.

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Digital Marketing Services for Local Businesses

SEO: Ranking for Local Businesses

The more you invest in SEO now, the more leads you will receive with less money burnt on ads. SEO is one of the most underutilized tools for small businesses, simply because of the complexity. Our most basic package offers location-based SEO strategies which includes custom blogs, ranking for 25 keywords, quality backlinks & audit. Learn more...

Google My Business Optimization

Google Reviews & appearance for searches is critical for location-based businesses. Correctly setting up your Google My Business account is vital; however, on-going optimization will serve as an incredibly powerful resource for your business. From updates to posts, your activity on GMB makes an enormous difference for your business. Learn more...

Social Media

Each social media platform offers a different objective for small businesses. Some social platforms, such as Twitter & Pinterest, strengthen SEO while others are essential for ads & brand recognition. Social posts are a great way to create your digital footprint and 'ad-ucate' potential clients engaging them in smart ways to start very profitable and rewarding conversations. Learn more...

Google AdWords Adwords for Small Budgets

Get in front of clients who are looking for solutions your business can offer. Google Adwords provides an extensive opportunity to rank, appear and convert traffic from ads. Google considers your Ad Rank more than they do your budget, which means the quality of your ads, landing page & user experience makes the biggest difference on how your campaign will perform. In short, the strategy matters more than the budget. Learn more...

Facebook Ads: $1.66/day

The minimum budget needed for Facebook ads is $1.66/day. With a great offer + lead capturing landing page, that's all you'll need to start & test your campaign. Visuals serve as one of the most powerful concepts to anchor, convince and convert leads which makes Facebook Ads one of the most powerful & relevant platforms for local businesses. Learn more...

Website Creation & On-Site Content

Forget about fancy & expensive websites with multiple pages and slick features. Clients don't care. Your website's essential factors include 3-5 second load time, mobile-friendly, clear CTA, SEO-friendly content, and content aimed towards voice search & lead capturing. The aim is to create a website for search engines & for users. Forget fancy; let's focus on functionality. Learn more...

How You Can Increase Sales With SEO & Online Marketing

Our Solutions are aimed to help you grow your business by incorporating strategies to increase more qualified traffic to your Website, converting that traffic into customers. Hence your Website should serve multiple purposes, like your virtual head quarters; from showcasing products and services, demonstrate you are the best in your trade, facilitating and extending customer support, etc.

Our conversion formula comes down to 3 main steps to helping you achieve your goals:

1Awareness. Online efforts are meant to capture the attention of your clientele. We want to position your business to be right in front of an audience that would be interested in what your business would offer. Focusing on capturing the attention of a highly targetted clientele, will provide you with more quality leads, so you're best using your time on the right clients. This can be done with SEO, Ads, PPC, and Social Media.

2Converting . After making prospects become aware of your services, the next step would be to start converting them into leads. We want to ensure that we are capturing online visitors and converting them into solid leads, to help build your database. This can be directly from your website, Ads, PPC and Social Media.

2Closing. Preparation and a well thought out strategy will be essential to closing online leads. Placing your leads onto an email campaign will build rapport with your leads, to become familiar with your business, product or service and to learn more about you. Email marketing offers an ROI (Return on Investment) of approx. 3800%, according to, and also drives more conversions than any other marketing channel (

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It's All About "Micro-Moments"

Google has discovered that the user patterns of the Web can be grouped by micro-moments:

We don’t go online anymore – we live online. And that means customers might be trying to engage with your brand at any moment, expecting an immediate answer. These moments happen all the time and all along the consumer decision journey. And they’re becoming the new battleground for brands – where hearts, minds and dollars are won.

We work hard everyday to keep ourselves and our tools sharp to help you be ready and take advantage of every one.

Learn more about this consumer behavior, how it affects the customer journey, and what it means for brands; or better This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. how you can tactically use Micro Moments for your own customer's transaction journey.

We forge Websites, Apps and APIs for a Perfect User Experience, specially on Mobile Devices

Having a fast, light and responsive Website, gracefully adapting to the device's screen and slower connections will give you the critical competitive advantage respect to your rivals as Google ranks it higher .

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Juan J. Marinez
Jalalio's consultants are helping us to harness the efficiency of a data-driven company. We are saving big money investing only in those ideas that Analytics say work in the real world.
J. J. Marinez.
Mrs. Denise Linton
I reached out to JDM for their adwords and SEO services in particular and I loved what they have done for my business. I appreciate the time, explanation and full understanding for exactly how this was going to help my business. Thankyou JDM
D. Linton
Mr. Augusto Valdivia
Drifting away for years but, after getting Jalalio onboard, we finally nailed down the right set-ups of integrating our newspaper to Google's AdSense and other platforms in a profitable way.
A. Valdivia.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Flexible investments for small local businesses. No Set Up Fee & Cancel Anytime.

Local Focus Package
$999/ month†
4 Blog Posts/month
On-page Optimization
High-Quality Backlinks
Ranking for 25 Target Keywords
Google My Business Optimization 
Google Ads
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Geo location and geo targeting for ads
Audience research & targeting
Monthly Strategy Results Meeting
Analytics and Reporting
Growth Blitzer Package
$1799/ month†
Local Focus Package plus
Ad Copy Creation & Optimization
Remarketing Campaigns
Audience research & targeting
Campaign Management
Website Content Optimization
Live Chat Implementation
Email Marketing
Synergy Corp. Package
$7499/ month‡
Growth Blitzer Package, plus
Landing page build & optimization
Campaign Management
Remarketing Campaigns
Split A/B testing
Sales Funnel Creation
Budgets and bids management
Audience research & targeting
Call tracking software
Website Management (minor)
Reputation Monitoring
Press Releases - Quarterly

†Get one free month if you enroll on the yearly subscription
‡Get $3000 off on a yearly subscription

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