Start. Sell. Grow with ECommerce

If your activities generate foot traffic we know how to monetize the volume into revenue with our Multi-channel Ecommerce Logistics & Operations

Ecommerce Made Easy for Small & Local Businesses

Focus on your business while you leverage your valuable foot traffic.

You know what your walk-in customers like and they trust you and your brand; keep servicing them using multiple channels and increase your revenue.

Get your Ecommerce store taking orders in just 10 days or less; from Turn-Key, Consierge to White Label Ecommerce Packages.

We set everything up online and offline so you can have your Ecommerce store up and running in less than 10 days; then you can either run your online presence or get it fully managed by our experts or something in between.

We build for you your own online store, plus your Facebook Store; even become an Amazon Merchant!

Multiply your reach selling directly to customers plus multiple other channels such as Facebook, Amazon and Etsy. We keep constantly expanding to other marketplaces so you can take advantage of selling online in as many channels as possible.

Logistics & Operations Worry-free.

Our services line-up covers all you need: from the artwork and copy production, doing SEO to running your ads on Google, Facebook and others.

Jalalio's Value Proposition for Your Ecommerce Success

Don't have products? We do Drop Shipping for you!

Drop shipping is a business model where you sell products online through a product supplier who fulfils and ships your customers' orders.

You only have to select and customize the products to sell from the supplier inventory.

We take care of creating the artworks for your custom t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, fabric bags, ... you name it!

Artwork & Copy Creation

We have in place a network of artists, cartoonists and photographers that produce the original artwork to use in your product's visuals.

Having that capability in-house allows us to avoid any liability regarding to copyright infringement and, beyond that, to produce art that are current to trends happening with celebrities, sports and any relevant local and global event.

Likewise, we employ writers that create for you pertinent blog posts, enticing product descriptions and email newsletters.

SEO & Pay-Per Click (PPC)

We use blogs, specific relevant keywords, on page content, quality backlinks & technical SEO strategies to position your online store for visibility. We write those blog posts too!

Time is Money & Ads Create an Immediate Return on Investment.

While your SEO strategy is working in the background, we understand that your Ecommerce business needs to survive, and thrive, which makes investing in ads on Facebook or Google Adwords important. Ad budgets can vary so we have done the basic calculation for you allocating funding for paid ads from the subcription package fee.

Business Consultancy

Let’s Start by understanding what success looks like for your business and then we walk together the journey that the planning takes us to.

Whether your business is a one person show or you have expanded, our digital marketing team works with you to understand your goals, target location and area of expertise to drive more and better results.

From One Small Business to Another...

Whether you are a single entrepreneur running your business or have a team behind you, we understand that every bit counts. With over seven years of experience in SEO, Google My Business, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & More, our focus has always been on small location-based businesses. With geographical constraints, local businesses need to focus on the avenues that drive more traffic with a lowered cost. We've created affordable digital service packages that make a difference.

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Powerful Turn-Key Ecommerce Packages

DIYers Ecommerce

$ 299/M

  • Unlimited products Online Store (ecommerce website and blog) & Webhosting.
  • Basic website template
  • Facebook Store
  • Domain name setup & DNS Configuration
  • Product creative processing
  • Product content upload and pricing setup
  • 2 Staff Accounts (1 reserved for a Jalalio Associate)
  • Store & Facebook channels
  • Manual order creation
  • Discount codes
  • Print shipping labels
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Gift cards
  • Weekly custom blogs for your industry
  • Weekly Instagram posts creatives
  • Weekly Facebook posts creatives
  • 50USD Facebook Ads
  • Competitive shipping rates from Canada Post.
  • Fraud analysis
  • Online Canadian credit card rates 2.9% + 30¢ CAD
  • Online International/Amex credit card rates 3.5% + 30¢ CAD
  • English content
  • 24/7/365 Ticket Support Channel
  • 4 hours marketing consulting
  • 50% Set Up Fee (Void if you subscribe to the annual plan)
  • Cancel Anytime
Concierge Local Ecommerce

$ 599/M

  • Everything DIYers Ecommerce, plus
  • Premium website template
  • Reports
  • 4 Staff Accounts (1 reserved for a Jalalio Associate)
  • 200 Drop shipping produt types
  • 4 Artwork to be used on products
  • Drop shipping product configuration
  • English & Spanish copy
  • Up to 100,000 contacts
  • 4 hours drop shipping consulting
  • Email wewsletter 5 audiences included
  • Email newsletter Custom Templates
  • Email marketing flows: welcome, purchase & abandonment
  • Weekly email newsletter marketing single segment campaign
  • Customer Support Ticket Platform
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Website visitor chat system integrated into the Customer Support Ticket Platform
  • Mobile apps for the Customer Support Ticket/Chat Platform
  • $150 Ads budget
Concierge Global Ecommerce

$ 2999/M

  • Everything Ecommerce Concierge Local, plus
  • Custom design premium website template
  • 15 Staff Accounts (4 reserved for a Jalalio Associate)
  • Monthly Remarketing campaign
  • 12 Artwork to be used on products
  • Twice a week custom blogs for your industry
  • Twice a week Instagram posts creatives
  • Twice a week Facebook posts creatives
  • Twice a week email newsletter marketing, up to 4 segments campaign
  • 12 custom blogs/month about the business, products and customer success
  • A/B Split Testing & experiments
  • 16 hours drop shipping consulting
  • English, French & Spanish copy
  • $500 Ads budget
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is drop shipping?

    The basics of drop shipping is that you buy at one price and sell at another keeping the profits. Because you know your customers very well you use that information in order to find the right product for them and market those products to them.

    "Drop shipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Instead, in a form of supply chain management, it transfers the orders and their shipment details to either the manufacturer, a wholesaler, another retailer, or a fulfillment house, which then ships the goods directly to the customer." Wikipedia

    You do not pay your suppliers until your customers pay you.

    What type of products are available for my drop shipping operations?
    Millions of products in thousands of categories, but this is not our vision. Our vision is to start up with the basics: t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, bags and dozens of manageable categories and then help you grow from there.
    Who owns the copyrights of the artwork you create for my products?
    The artist does. We legally secure a license from the artist for your business, for the life-time of your online business, to use the artwork free of royalties. Exclusive rights on the artwork is available on a case by case basis negotiable with the artist or her legal representant.
    Where do you host the online store?
    Why do I need weekly Blog posts?
    Unique blogs relevant for your specific industry filled with value for your clients. Your unique blogs serve as the foundation of building assets that retain rankings and acquire high-quality traffic.
    Do you optimize your strategies for my local audiences or just focus on generic targets?
    It depends on your subscription package. As a local business, ranking for your target audience is critical. We optimize your Google My Business for you to ensure that you get high quality traffic. But, if you want to sell regionally, to the rest of the country or beyond, we will focus on key products and audiences in order to maximize the return on the investment.
    Do you take care of keyword ranking?
    We provide keyword recommendations to get ranked for the top 25 keywords for your industry, locally. Keywords serve as the foundation for the SEO strategy to ensure you are getting in front of the right audience.
    How do I get my money from the products sold?
    The payment processor deposits the money directly to you on the bank account you instructed us to configure on their system.
    How do I pay?
    We accept all major credit cards and you can enter or update your payment details on your account page at any time.
    Can I upgrade my package?
    Yes! You can use your account page to manage your suscriptions. Our vision is that as you grow your business you will require more operational support from us.
    Do you collect website insight and customer behaviour data?
    The short answer, yes. We are constantly stuying analitics vendors beyond Google Analytics and incorporate the most suitable products and the learning into our services.
    Do you provide monthly reports?
    Reports are included in selected packages.