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Tuesday, 06 April 2021 03:35

3 Excellent Ways to Promote Your Blog to Your Audience

Writing blogs, while seemingly simple, is actually challenging. You have to conduct plenty of research on the target audience to ensure the blogs’ topics are relevant and exciting. This is to ensure that those who drop by the blog will be interested in what your business has to say. Not only that, but the blogs themselves act as identifiers in this overly-saturated market, helping you stand out with the information you provide.

With that in mind, simply writing blogs is not enough. No one is going to find them if the blog is left to its own devices. You must put effort into promoting the blog for people to read it. It also pays to attract new readers. To help you out, we are going to share some promotional tactics to do just that:

1. Utilize off-site SEO tactics

You may have already implemented on-site SEO tactics, such as keywords, optimizing loading times, and more for your blog and website. However, there is another aspect of SEO you may not have realized: off-site SEO. In fact, off-site SEO might just be a little more important in attracting new audiences to your blog, simply because it is a way for you to capture other people's attention when they are not on your blog just yet.

A good off-site SEO tactic is linking your blog outside of your site. For instance, you can offer to write an article for another business. From there, you can link your blog to it, bringing attention to your business from a whole new audience.

2. Send posts to new subscribers 

Many buyers tend to look around blogs, articles, and more before deciding to buy. In fact, the average consumer reads around three to five blog posts before buying a product or paying for a service. You can make their lives easier and boost your ability to capture the audience's attention by sending them the blogs. This works especially well for your new subscribers. 

Rather than sending them promotions and deals, send them relevant blog posts. When they read about what you have to offer and why your offer is the best choice, the likelier they will pick you to buy from! Plus, this is a great way to promote your blog since you are sending it to those genuinely interested in reading it.

3. Start investing in paid social ads

People roam social media streets for all sorts of content, whether for entertainment or education. Regardless, social media is one of the best places to advertise yourself. It is an excellent place to promote your blog. After all, what you write in your blog is valuable, and by making it available on social media, you can give people information. 

With that in mind, an effective way to promote your blog on social media is to buy sponsored posts. This ensures your content reaches those who are interested in what you have to say.


When partaking in any of the tips we have shared above, understand that some will take longer to produce good results. For instance, long-term strategies like SEO take time to produce quality results. On the other hand, tactics like paid social ads will produce results more quickly. The difference is that long-term strategies produce higher-quality results in the long run, while short-term strategies can give you quick boosts. Regardless, both of them working together can ensure your blog posts are promoted well, bringing more business to your digital doorstep. Jalalio is a troupe of digital marketing experts in Toronto offering SEO, copywriting, online advertising, and more to help small businesses grow their online presence to achieve success. Work with us today and get the digital marketing services you need to promote your blog!

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