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Tuesday, 18 May 2021 16:23

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website

There are so many best practices to go through on your own website that marketers claim can help boost your visibility—but off-page work can have just as heavy of a workload

Driving in website traffic is no walk in the park! There are so many best practices to go through on your own website that marketers claim can help boost your visibility—but off-page work can have just as heavy of a workload as on-page work too. But as long as you stay consistent with your efforts, you will see your traffic increase as the weeks go by.


To give you a good idea of where to start your efforts, here are five simple ways to start building traffic to your website:


  1. Participate in Link Building


It is a known fact that good content will stay stagnant if you don’t make any link-building efforts yourself. 


There are many ways to approach link-building techniques. One simple technique is to do vertical research and send emails to sites for them to link to your work. Other more recent and modern ways to build links is to guest star in podcasts and have these hosts include links to your website on the description drop-down boxes of wherever you get your podcasts. These are all good practices that stay within the parameters of search engines—just remember to stay away from blackhat techniques, as these do more damage than good for you!


  1. Perform Strategic Online Advertising


Posting online ads can be difficult if you don’t bid for the right keywords or if you keep paying for those that won’t turn in conversions.


Online advertising is a field that is somewhat of an elevated gamble. Your ad will cost you, and it does bring in people to your website, but it does not guarantee a sale. That is why before you delve into it, you need to come up with a proper strategic plan of approach! 


If you’re not sure how to approach it, then hiring a digital marketing service to guide you is your best bet.


  1. Have an Active Social Media Presence


Social media works in real-time algorithms, which means that your content has to be current and relevant to users within the few hours you post it. 


Most social media platforms require you to be a consistent poster for them to start increasing your reach to your target audience. So to keep things in order, make a social media content calendar ahead of time so that you’ll always have something to post that week! However, remember that it is mostly going to be a guideline! Again, social media runs in real-time—so if there is something trending that you can hop on, you have to be flexible enough to change things. 


  1. Practice Guest Blog Posting


Guest blog posting gives you the opportunity to not only collaborate with other websites, but it also provides the opportunity for you to include your link in their website. Anyone who follows the website content religiously could find their way to yours through your contribution.


  1. Hire Experts in the Field of Digital Marketing


When in doubt, ask for help. Hiring experts can save you the time and effort to learn these techniques from square one. It gives you the opportunity to focus elsewhere. 




Website traffic isn’t something that you can boost overnight. It takes several months to gain traction, no matter the amount of work you’re putting in. But with a bit of patience and the help of the right people, you’ll be able to see more and more visitors on your website, with a huge chunk of them as returning visitors.


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