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E-commerce & Responsive Websites

The increasing trend we are witnessing is that more people are using their mobile devices to consume content versus using the tradition desktop computer. A responsive website refers to your website slightly changing its layout to become compatible with the device it is being used on, making a better user experience.

Search engines, such as Google, assign a higher priority responsive websites on their search results page, so your business appears when clients are looking for information related to your industry.

In addition to customer experience, it becomes mandatory for businesses to integrate responsive websites into their online strategy, if they have not already done. 

The layout of your website, on the technical side, also plays a large role in the SEO and online competition, as websites are crawled by Google and each page of your website should be indexed. This is the same expectations for e-commerces websites (businesses that sell a product/service which can be purchased right off the website). As all your online marketing, SEO and social media efforts lead back to your website, you want to ensure that your website meets all the requirements of being fully optimized

How Does Your Website Contribute To Better Sales Performance?

Your website is a gateway to increasing your sales, by attracting online visitors and converting them into leads. In addition to providing rich content which is valuable to clients, visitors are further along their decision process, which can decrease the sales cycle process. Another purpose your website serves  is to provide value to clients through content, information and answering questions your visitors may have. This will increase the how likely they are to stay on and explore your website, recommend your business, share on social media and refer others to you. 

All your online efforts, from social media to Ad campaigns generally leads online visitors to your website. You want to ensure that it's a user-friendly experience, both in online navigation and content provided. Your website content will also pay a large role in your SEO and how valuable Google and other search engines, along with clients, will determine how relevant your website is to clients. The more valuable you seem, the more you will show up on search engines. 

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$499/ month
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4 blog posts
4 Social Media postings
$1500/ month
$500 AdWords Investment
$300 Social Media PPC Investment
8 blog posts
8 Social Media postings
Instagram support
/ month*
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Postpaid Social Media PPC Investment
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64 Social Media postings

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